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At Intelligent Processes and Automation, we work with you directly to understand each customers individual needs. Our experienced staff listens to each individual customer need and develops a proposal that best suits each customer’s need. We follow through with detailed proposals to make sure your staff is well aware of the details in each project and upon order we follow through with a detailed project plan that is custom tailored for each individual customer’s needs.


Our after sales support include operator training, engineer training, complete BOM listing of all major components, standard operating procedure and troubleshooting guidelines. We additionally follow through with personalized support for all your operators and engineers to ensure a trouble-free commission of your project and trouble-free life of the project. Over 70% of IP Automation’s projects are repeat customer orders. Once we show each customer what IP Automation Inc is capable of, there is no substitute.


Some of the technologies used to keep customers from down situations include, vendor management of critical spare parts, many common replacement parts are stocked at our factory and quick delivery of specialized components. Our in house fabrication capabilities can get you running quickly with minimal downtime and our world class support uses the latest technologies such as web support to keep your equipment up to date and running at an extremely efficient level.